2022 - 2023 season

This exciting 2022-23 Jungle season lives in its values—the why of what we are doing and with whom we are working.

We continue the work begun during the pandemic of learning the new ways in which we have yet to evolve while continuing to collaborate with the amazing artists that are in our community to bring you fantastic, thought-provoking performances you expect from the Jungle.

There are many challenges ahead, but the Jungle continues to stretch and grow in constricting times—and we are so grateful for the artists, theater-makers, audience and supporters that continue to make the Jungle strong!

Artistic Director

Photo by Lauren B Photography



By Sara Davis Buechner
Directed By Sal Trapani
October 13 - 16, 2022

The new one-woman piano show exploring Sara Davis Buechner’s extraordinary life story in music and words. This theatrical and musical evening consists of excerpts from her recently completed autobiography, illustrated with luminous piano performances, visual imagery and dramatic narration. Ms. Buechner is one of America’s most well-known classical pianists, as well as one of the first transgender women to transition in mid-career (in the 1990s). She shares her own tale of courage and integrity in the face of overwhelming personal and professional obstacles to LGBTQIA+ groups around the world, and opens that story in a delightful and absorbing new way with this unique showcase for her astounding talents.

First in our series of JUNGLE PRESENTS as a complement to our in-house produced lineup, this show allows the Jungle to shine a light on new and important voices and stories. Sara Davis Buechner’s OF PIGS AND PIANOS gives the Jungle Theater the exciting opportunity to profile a nationally renowned artist and galvanize our support of LGBTQIA+ stories and artists.

CONTENT WARNINGS: OF PIGS AND PIANOS contains strong adult content and language. Recommended for audiences 16 and older.


By Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon
Co-directed by Christina Baldwin & Angela Timberman
November 19 - December 23, 2022

The final chapter of the beloved Christmas at Pemberley trilogy. The cherished characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice return for a third and final installment of this heartwarming story.

The youngest Darcy and Bennet sisters have become fast friends and eagerly await the arrival of Georgiana’s secret correspondent. Mix-ups of manners and overprotective big brother Mr. Darcy keep romance from unfolding easily. But music, ambition, friendship, and sisterhood lead to happiness… and a love story that spans a lifetime.

Co-directed by artistic cohort member Angela Timberman, the Jungle Theater is excited to profile the perseverance of women in this rolling world premiere in partnership with Marin Theatre Company and Northlight Theatre.



By Seth Bockley, Ahmed Moneka & Jesse LaVercombe
December 31 - January 8, 2023

KING GILGAMESH & THE MAN OF THE WILD  is a one-act theater-music production featuring Ahmed Moneka and Jesse LaVercombe alongside celebrated Arabic-maqam / jazz band, Moneka Arabic Jazz.  A present-day story of friendship interweaves with the ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, and along the way traces Ahmed’s real-life journey from exiled actor to acclaimed musician. With themes of art, ambition, sex, fatherhood, mortality and identity, this two-man epic spans centuries, cultures, and continents in a moving, funny, tragic, and ultimately celebratory performance.

This next JUNGLE PRESENTS show gives the Jungle the exciting opportunity to partner with Toronto-based creative team and exiled Iraqi artist Ahmed Moneka as well as Jesse LaVercombe, familar to Jungle audiences from past Christmas at Pemberley installments.


Co-production with Trademark Theater

By JuCoby Johnson
Directed by H. Adam Harris
March 11 - April 16, 2023

Best friends Jay and Evan run a convenience store in a rapidly changing neighborhood. When a real estate developer stops by with an offer to buy the place, their deep-rooted connection is tested. As the choice to sell weighs on Evan’s shoulders, and with limited time to decide, their community is ripped apart and the very foundation of the world around them begins to rumble and quake.

An intimate play that races towards apocalyptic ends, 5 revolves around a transformative tale of friendship & betrayal—laying bare what is truly at stake when decisions of self-preservation and community are on the line.


Transcripts Arranged by Arian Moayed
Directed by James Rodríguez
June 3 - July 2, 2023

This unique show has garnered great critical attention in recent years, performed as a mock-trial and in real courtrooms to blur the lines of reality & theater to tell this impactful story. Arranged by Tony nominee Arian Moayed, THE COURTROOM explores and examines the U.S. immigration system and those at its mercy.

A re-enactment of deportation proceedings lifts excerpts from courtroom transcripts, and recounts the hearings of an immigrant from the Philippines on a K3 Visa who faced deportation once she inadvertently registered to vote in Chicago and voted after receiving a registration card.




pay as you are

As one of our core values, the Jungle believes that A PLAY ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT AN AUDIENCE. To help reach a wider audience, we are excited to continue to offer PAY AS YOU ARE pricing, developed by our friends at Theater Mu.

PAY AS YOU ARE pricing asks those who routinely pay $45 for theater tickets to pay that amount; it is the actual fair market value of the ticket. If an audience member needs to pay less, they can choose to pay less. Those who can pay more than the market price are welcome to do so, and their generosity will help cover the cost of someone else’s ticket as well.



Reserve your seats for the Jungle Theater’s entire 2022-23 Season with our 5-show Jungle Presents/Produced Package. Because our JUNGLE PRESENTS series shows have limited runs, the only way to ensure your tickets to these incredible experiences is through our 5-show subscription package. Available for $235.


We are also offering a 3-show subscription package which includes our in-house produced shows: GEORGIANA & KITTY: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY, 5, and THE COURTROOM. Available for $145.